The more and more popular sites which backlink to your website, the higher your page ranks. Being linked is not enough, the quality of the sites linking to yours is what matters. If you gather inbound links from sites which already have a lot of inbound links, you'll be likely to increase your own page rank. Try to get high-traffic, popular sites with high page rank add a link to your site. Make sure the text linking to your site contains the keywords for which you want to rank higher. For instance, if the link contains 'hair loss prevention' you'll rank higher for this phrase.


Here are some tips on how to get more links back to your site: 

  • Get links from web sites in your industry field - the websites of partner companies, suppliers, clients, etc.
  • Promote your site in online forums, blogs, social networking and bookmarking sites  (such as mashable,, furl, facebook, etc).
  • Post actively in popular forums or blogs where your target audience might be posting, and include the URL of your website in your signature. If your comments contain useful information, and you're a regular user, it's very likely that you will generate traffic from these users.
  • Write a useful and interesting article on a topic that relates to a product or service you are offering. Put a link to your website somewhere inside the content (but do not abuse). Submit your article in sites allowing for free article submissions (to find such sites simply type 'submit free article' in Google). When these websites are crawled the link to your website will be captured.
  • Utilize social media press releases to announce your latest activities. Make sure to include a link back to your website.
  • Streamline the press releases submission by using online services such as PRWeb, BusinessWire, Marketwire. Include options for online bookmarking and news sharing (such as digg, reddit). Publicize every one, two months.


To see all existing links to your website, visit and search:  ''.   
*replace "" with your site domain


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