Although search engine crawlers may find your site through some existing link to it (which is better for your website), you could help them and shorten the time for your web site to appear in search results by submitting your site URL.

1. Submit your site URL to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search, Live Search, Alexa. If you have a registered custom domain, use the domain name when submitting your site. Keep in mind that the longer your domain is registered for, the more likely it is to get better placement in search results.


2. Submit your site URL to major directories. Most directories are associated with a search engine, so once you get listed in a directory it will take about 2 weeks to be indexed by the partner search engine as well. We'd recommend listing your site at least in Yahoo Directory and The Open Directory.


3. If you are targeting local users, get listed in popular local search engines or local directories related to your business. You may also place a business listing in Google and have your business displayed in Google Maps search results whenever a local search for your business activity is performed.


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