Moving a registered domain from one website to another

If you are already hosting a website under your own registered domain but decide to move the the domain to another website, make sure to first delete it from the Site Properties of the old site and then file it in the Site Properties of the new site. The system will not allow you to enter one and the same domain for more than one website.

If you have pointed your domain to our IP directly you don't need to apply further DNS updates when moving the domain to a new site..

Redirecting vs. Pointing your domain

Pointing your domain to a website involves directly modifying the 'A' record for this domain with the IP address of the server your site resides on. Forwarding on the other hand, depending on the registrar, may involve passing trough a park page before arriving at your web site, using a frame set which may contain ads, or may cause page URLs and Site Title, not to be displayed properly. That's why we'd recommend a direct DNS update for making your website available under your own domain.

Sample DNS Zone File

If you are managing DNS yourself or are using the services of a hosting company, you may refer to the example DNS zone file below for setting up your domain to point to our IP. A CNAME