Add Gallery Image
After you have added an Image Gallery visualization you can add Gallery Images. To add a Gallery Image, roll over the Image Gallery and click the  PLUS icon on its top right. Green rectangles will denote the locations where an image may be added. Clicking a location will open the Add Image dialog.



Images may be added to Galleries individually, or you can select a compressed ZIP archive containing multiple images. Files can be selected from the Browse button or they can be dragged and dropped to the Drag & Drop area.

Also images can be browsed from the file system, or from the web:


* Images with a pound sign "#" or a questions mark "?" in their name can only be uploaded through Drag & Drop or URL.

An Image Caption can be added for each specific image and will be displayed according to the Show Caption option setting in the Gallery Options dialog. The Caption field may contain plain text (e.g. "This is Sidney.") or HTML text (e.g. "This is Sidney.")

If you select the Use image file name as caption option, the file name will be used as a caption. This option is particularly useful when you upload a ZIP archive with properly named images.


The Image Link drop-down allows you to choose what will happen if a visitor clicks on the image. The image can be set to open its enlarged version inside the Large Image Viewer, open a page within the site, or an external web page. 



The Custom Thumbnail option is used for adding specific versions of images which may be in a different resolution than the original. You can use this option only when uploading or editing individual images, and the size settings should be the same as those defined in the Gallery Options dialog.

Create a Sub-gallery automatically creates a new page which can be accessed by clicking the image. If you have uploaded a ZIP file, the sub-gallery page will contain an auto-added Image Gallery with all the images from your archive. Otherwise the sub-gallery page will contain an empty Image Gallery, ready to edit.


Update an Image
You can always edit existing images. To replace the uploaded source file, click on the Change button. To modify images with the online image editing tool, click on the Edit button. With the online editing tool you can crop, resize, and rotate your images. You can also enhance photos, and apply special effect, and it does not require any download.