In My Account section you can file all personal information associated with your website account, view the upgrades applied to it, cancel the account billing or delete your website. To open My Account section, click Control Panel in the top right of your Admin view and select My Account.
The personal information associated with your site includes: name, email, login, password for accessing the Admin view of the website, and community photo. All information but the login may be changed at any time.
  • The Name is used to identify a registered website user posting in a forum.

  • Email: this is the email address associated with your website and used for important notices emailed by the  system - account unattendance, exceeded storage and other. Please maintain this email address always current. A change of your email address will need to be confirmed before it takes effect. You should confirm by clicking the link in the confirmation email sent to the new email address provided for your website account.
  • Login: is the login name you have selected for your website during your account registration. The login is part of your website URL and may not be changed after your account registration has been completed.
  • Password: this is the password you use to access the Admin view of your website. Changing your password takes effect immediately, without further confirmation. An email notification for the password change will be sent to the email address filed in My Account.
  • Community Photo: this image will be displayed below your name in all posts you make as a registered user.

Your Plan

This section displays all information about the plan you are currently subscribed to – plan description, expiration date, site storage, etc.

  • Current Plan: shows the plan to which you are currently subscribed. Linked below appear the options to change the plan, stop the billing on your plan and convert your account to a free one, and the option to delete your account. Click Show Details to see your full Plan Description.
  • Duplicate Site: duplicate your site
  • Expires – shows the expiration date of your current plan.
  • Site Storage – lets you monitor the storage space of your account. When the assets you have on your website (files, images, etc) exceed the storage limit for your account - the storage bar will become red and you will no longer be able to add files or images to your site. You will also be sent an email notification asking you to remove the files in excess of the storage. If no action is taken to restore your account used space within the limits - the files in excess will be automatically removed from your account. You can upgrade your storage space by clicking on the Change Plan link above the expiration date.


Subscription History

This section shows the history of all your subscriptions, together with the method of payment for each one.

Billing History

Here you can find details for each of your subscription payments.