The News & Events Application is used to present headlines from managed lists and RSS Feeds. Once you've installed the application it can be applied to any page from the Add Content menu.



Set the News & Events Data Source. Choose the Manual Entries option to enter custom headlines, links and images. Select RSS Feed and plugin the to generate automatically updated headlines and content from frequently updated sites.



Display Preferences
1. Show the First: Set a number of entries to be displayed.
2. Truncate Description After: Set a number of characters to limit the description.
3. Sort by Date: most recent on top, or oldest on top
4. Optional Elements:
    a. Calendar icon in front of entry title
    b. First Image in front of the entry (when Manual Entries include one or more images)
    b. Text date after entry title
    c. Show more... Entries.
5. Group Same Date Entries: Same date entries will be grouped under a common icon
6. Make Entry Title a Link: Clicking on entry title will open the link
7. Make First Image a Link: Clicking on the image will open the link



From the Entries tab, you can add as many News Postings as you would like. Click the Add New Entry button to add additional postings. You can modify the Date, Title, Description, and Link for each posting. If you need to disable one of the postings on the Entries list, deselect the Active box for that Entry.