The Manage Pages interface provides a compact view of all pages on your site. You may perform various page-related functions which help organize your site while helping improve your search engine ranking.

To access the Manage Pages interface, login to your website and click Control Panel> Manage Pages.  A pop up with the list of pages and management functions will open.

Any pages that are part of the main navigation menu appear with an asterisks (*) after the page name.


Search function

Using the Search field allows you to find pages by name. You can increase or decrease the # Results that are displayed at one time. The Look in dropdown allows you to select a particular folder to view. Show in results checkboxes determine whether all Pages, Folders, and Redirects are included in the results.

New Page, New Redirect, New Folder

It's easy to create new pages, new redirects, and new folders right from the Manage Pages Interface.

Create Folders
You can easily arrange your pages in folders. To create, click on the New Folder button. Name the new folder in the pop-up and click Add.

Create Redirects
The creation of 301 redirects enables you to forward any URL within your domain to a specific page of your site or to an external site. This is especially useful if you have inbound links to a page that no longer exists and you do not want to lose the search engine juice from that link.
Sorting Pages
By default, your pages are sorted with the most recently published (local time zone) pages on top. You may sort the pages by Name, date Last Published, the number of References,  and  link on top.


Page Actions

Editing Page Options

The first wrench  icon in the Actions column  will allow you to adjust the Page Options for the specific page.

Delete a page
You can delete any page as long as it is not linked to any other pages on the site. If you wish to delete a page, first make sure that all links to it are removed and then:

  • Click the corresponding bucket  icon.
  • If a reference to this page still exists, find and eliminate the reference.
  • Click the bucket icon again. Your page is now deleted from Admin and Normal view.

Move this page to a folder
In order to move a selected page to an existing folder, click on the folder  icon available per page in the Actions column.  Then a pop-up window will appear. Select the desired folder from the drop-down menu and click 'Move'.

Duplicate page
The  folder icon allows you to duplicate a whole page. The duplicate of the page will appear as a Copy of [your page name]. You can rename it by clicking the wrench  icon.

Publish pages
The P  icon indicates that any changes to the page have been published. A red P  icon indicates that there are changes on the page that have not yet been published. To publish all pages click on the Publish All Pages button at the bottom of the screen.

Set Home page
The blue home  icon marks the page that is currently set as your home page.

Create a custom Page Not Found
A blue arrow icon  marks the page that is currently set as your custom Page Not Found. If someone tries to access a non-existent page URL from your website, they will see the default Page Not Found.

Working with multiple items

  • To manage several items (pages, redirects, folders) at once, first check the box for each one and then select the desired action.
  • You can delete, duplicate, publish and move multiple pages by clicking the corresponding icon at the bottom of Manage Pages window.