After you login to edit your website, you enter what we call website Admin View. The Admin View looks very similar to your End-user view (i.e what your visitors see when they come to your site). In Admin View, however, there are additional options allowing you to manage any aspect of your site: you may add, edit, delete content, may send newsletters, check site statistics and more. All these Admin options are accessible through a Top Admin Menu and many Context Menus - one for each content element on the page.



Context Menus

Your website is made up of different content elements - text, image galleries, forums, blogs and other. All content elements may be edited by simply rolling them over. A blue rectangle will mark the content you are going to edit and an Edit icon will be displayed on top left.

When you roll over the  Edit icon, you will see the element Context Menu in black. It includes the options to Edit, Move, Delete, Hide from viewers, Select, Cut, Copy and Duplicate your content. All these options are displayed when you click   in the Context Menu. You may also edit your content by clicking the Edit icon.

When you roll over content elements like Navigation Area, Image Gallery, File Area and Section Groups, in addition to the Edit icon on top left, you will see a green  Plus icon on top right.



The Plus icon allows you to add items inside the selected area. For example, clicking the  Plus icon in a Navigation Area will let you add Navigation Items, in a File Area you will be able to add Files and so on. Green rectangles will denote all possible locations where your new item may be added. Select the desired location by clicking on a green rectangle.


Some content elements like empty navigation / subnavigation or HTML snippet may have a gray placeholder showing their location. Just like the other content elements, you may edit and add items to them by simply rolling over the gray placeholder.


The editing options available on roll over of the  Edit icon are as follows:

  • The Edit option will open the properties of the selected content.
  • Move option will let you move your content to a new location. Green rectangles will denote all possible locations where this item may be moved. Choose a location by clicking on a green rectangle.
  • Selecting  Delete option will display a red rectangle around the content to be deleted. Content deletion always requires confirmation.
  • Hide from viewers will preserve your content in admin view, but will remove it from end-user view. The hidden content will become faded. To make the content available in end-user view again, select Show to viewers from the context menu.If you want to move, delete, hide, cut, copy or duplicate several content elements at once, you should first Select them. A pink rectangle will denote all items you selected. Choose the action to be applied over all selected elements from the Edit menu of one of the selected elements.
  • To Cut or Copy and then Paste your content choose Cut or  Copy from the   Editicon options. Paste by clicking the cut or copied content from the Clipboard panel.
  • ClickingDuplicate option will create a copy of the original content.


Top Admin Menu

The Top Admin Menu is located at the very top of your website Admin. It holds the options to add content, add a new page, change the page layout, activate your website, publish your page and access the advanced Control Panel options.



From Add Content you may add all types of content - Text and Image, Image Gallery, File Area, Form, Forum/Blog, HTML Snippet, or Section Group. Select the content you wish to add and light blue and green rectangles will show all possible locations where this content may be added. Green rectangles indicate the locations available on the page, while blue ones specify shared areas, such as the site Header and Footer, or the Reusable Content element. Click the desired location to add the content there.


Click New Page to create a new page. A popup will open asking you to define the properties for the new page - page name, header image, URL, etc. Please refer to the Page Options tutorial for more information on how to set a good page title, keywords and description, how to split your page in columns and other page options.

The Page Options panel allows you to split your page in columns and change the page layout or color theme (layout and color theme are available with some designs only). Please refer to the Page Options tutorial for more information.

If you cut or copied content from some page on your site, a Clipboard panel will be displayed inside the Top Admin Menu. The Clipboard shows the content you cut or copied, and the page you cut/copied it from. To paste the content on some page, navigate to that page in Admin view and click the content in the Clipboard panel. Green rectangles will show all possible locations for pasting. Choose the desired location by clicking on a green rectangle.

If you cut or copied several content elements, you may paste them all at once by clicking Paste All. All copied items will be pasted at the selected location. If you Clear Clipboard the green Clipboard panel will disappear and the copy action will be cancelled.


All website accounts need to be activated within 7 days from signup by clicking the "Account not activated"  label. The account activation ensures that a valid email address is tied to the website you created. At this email address the system will send important notices like that for end of trial, expired subscription and others.


If you click the red "Page is not published"  label, all changes you applied to the Admin view of your page will become available in End-user view as well. As soon as you publish the page, a confirmation notice will appear at the bottom left with the URL of the published page and a link for sharing the page with other people.


Click Control Panel option to open a number of advanced page and site administration options - Page Options, Site Properties, Manage Pages, My Account. The Logout link at the end will log you out of your website Admin view and will direct you to the website end-user view.

The Help option at the end of the Admin Menu will list all available online help resources - Tutorials, FAQ, Tips and Tricks and others.