Your website allows for seamless integration with most of the popular e-commerce tools. As a turnkey solution, we recommend E-JUNKIE. It's very easy to integrate with your site and would allow you to:

  • add a shopping cart or buy now buttons for tangible goods or digital products
  • accept payments through a variety of payment processors (PayPal, Google Checkout,Authorize.Net, 2CheckOut, etc.)
  • manage inventory, have sales tax, VAT, packaging and shipping costs automatically calculated
  • define variants of tangible products such as size and color; use discounts and package deals
  • choose between multiple currencies and languages and more.

E-JUNKIE has a small monthly subscription fee based on the number of products. There is no transaction fee other than the standard fee of your selected payment processor.

In this tutorial you'll learn how to make E-JUNKIE work for your business.

A. First, you will need to register an account with E-JUNKIE.

B. Next, you need to Configure your payment processors.

You may set up different payment processors depending on how you wish to accept payments from customers and shape your billing process. To take a decision which processor to use, we'd recommend the following:

1. Note that E-JUNKIE supports:

  • Both Buy Now buttons and Shopping Carts with PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net. If you plan on selling tangible items you should consider using one of these processors to be able to benefit from the shipping, handling and tax calculator integrated with the shopping cart buttons. We'll review the setup of these processors in mode detail.
  • Only Buy Now buttons for 2CheckOut and TrialPay.

2. Review the demo pages for the different processors on E-JUNKIE
3. Check the processing fees and per transaction fee for the processors you selected.

Proceed to: Configuration of PayPal | Google CheckOut |  | 2CheckOut or TrialPay

C. Once you've configured your payment processor, it's time to add products to E-JUNKIE. For each product you add, you will copy the Cart or Buy Now button code which you will need to paste into your website in the next step.

D. Finally, you will add payment buttons to your site using HTML Snippets.

1. Add a View Cart button on each page where you have Add to Cart buttons.
You may copy the View Cart button of any product you will be selling on the site.

2. Then paste it at a visible spot on each page (e.g. top of page) following the same steps as with the Add to Cart buttons.

You may use the Shared header area of business designs if you wish to add the View cart button on all pages at once.

3. Publish your page and test-drive the setup.

On clicking to order an item it will be added to the customer's shopping cart. On View Cart the customer will be able see and edit all items in the cart, select a payment method depending on the payment processors you have enabled and proceed to checkout.

4. For each order you will receive a notification from your payment processor. You will also receive an email with transaction info from E-junkie. You can view all transaction details from E-junkie Seller Admin > View Logs > View Downloads transaction logs.

You are now ready to start selling online!

For further details and advanced options with E-junkie, please refer to E-junkie Help section