You can easily migrate any site by simply copy-pasting the text and images from your current site to your website's Text and Image editor. Although the copy-paste is not applicable for some features (like photo galleries, images opening in a popup, etc) and they have to be recreated anew, the time you'll spend recreating your site with our sitebuilder will definitely pay off. Here is why:

  • You won't need to become an HTML/JS/FTP expert to maintain your web site on a regular basis
  • You don't need to install and update any software
  • You don't need to buy hosting (you get integrated high-performance hosting)
  • You can edit your web site from any computer with a popular browser
  • You don't have to worry about broken images or links
  • All your pages will have a professional, consistent look and feel
  • You can publish changes instantly
  • You can change the design of your site with a single click