FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) type pages are very useful for listing the most common questions and answers about your service or offerings. This type of page has a main block of questions, each of which is linked to an answer that can be either on the same page or on a new page. You can also insert a 'back to top' link after each answer that points back to the questions area to make your page easy to navigate.

Follow these steps to create an FAQ page:

1. Create a new page for your FAQ section. To do that click New Page from the Admin Menu.

2. At the top of your main page content area list all the questions you are going to answer. Assign an anchor link in front of the first listed item - you'll use it for your 'back to top' link.


Give a specific name to the anchor so that you can easily recognize it.


3. Add each answer in consecutive order one by one, below the list of questions. In front of each answer, add an anchor with a different name (you could name each anchor after the specific question it stands for, or just use the question number as name).



After each answer add 'back to top' and link it to the anchor in front of your first question. To do that from the Text and Image Editor select 'back to top' and from the Link dropdown menu choose your FAQ page. Then select the anchor name from the anchors field that opens up to the right of the Link field.



4. Go back to the block of questions. Link each question to the anchor of the corresponding answer. To do that, inside the Text and Image Editor select the question, choose your FAQ page from Link dropdown menu and then select the anchor name from the anchors field that opens up to the right of the Link field.


See more details on working with anchors

Other FAQ pages can consist of an initial page with only questions listed. Such format would be appropriate when your FAQ page contains a lot of information, organized in different topic sections. The answers are on a different page and, as in the first type of FAQ pages, each question is linked to the corresponding answer.

Creating a FAQ page will enhance the usability of your site, providing your users with all the necessary information on a given topic in a concise, well organized and easy-to-navigate manner.