Social media has become one of most important marketing channels among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and Facebook is the social network of choice. Having an attractive and useful page on Facebook not only helps you engage with your existing clients, it can bring you new customers as well. Use custom tabs for your business to maximize the impact of your Facebook Business Page.

If you don't have a Facebook Page set up yet, you can create one from the Facebook Get Started resource for Pages.

It is easy to create a custom Business Facebook Page tab in just a few clicks.

Click the New Page button at the top of the screen. In the New Page Panel that opens, give the page a name and select the *Facebook Page Layout.

The Facebook Layout comes in two Color Themes: Default and Facebook. You can select which Color Theme you want to use from the drop-down field.

  • The Default Color Theme matches the currently selected site design, including any modifications you have made. This theme should be used to maintain an appearance consistent with your branding.
  • The Facebook Color Theme matches the look and feel of Facebook. Use this theme if you want to create a page that naturally blends into your Facebook Page.

If you use a design where your content by default is white on a colored background — this includes designs such as AtriaX, Sirius, Pasta Oval, Pasta Arc, or Polaris — an Optional Page Element for Left Padding will appear. Selecting this option will add a small amount of padding on both left and right side of your page's main content, to make sure the white text does not run into the white background of the Facebook Page after you publish your tab on Facebook.

Once you are ready, click on Add to add the page to your site.

Your new page will, by default, have a single, 520 pixel wide column because that is the width of the Facebook tab. You can change this in the Page Options, just like any other page on your site.

Add and arrange your content to the page using all the features and applications that you are already familiar with.

Once your page is ready, you can publish to user view by clicking the red "Page is not published" button at the top of the screen

Next, you need to make the page available on Facebook.

*Note: This feature is available for the following design variations: Atlas, Atria, Chara, Electra, Kuma, Meissa, Mira, Pasta Arc, Pasta Oval, Polaris, Sirius, and Vega.

If you do not see this layout, you will need to re-apply the current design to your account by going to Control Panel > Change Design and then click Apply in the Change Design Panel that opens. This re-applies the current design and makes the Facebook Layout available. All customizations you have made to the design will be preserved.