Requested and scheduled appointments can be managed through the Appointment Scheduler Dashboard by clicking: Control Panel > Appointments


Under the Dashboard tab you can Edit, Accept or Reject appointment requests that have been submitted by your clients, or manually Add Appointments. This is also where you will access your Appointment Calendar.

Accept: Clicking Accept will send the client an email notifying them of the appointment confirmation.

Reject: If you must deny a request for some reason, the Reject option will send the client a message informing them that the appointment will not be possible for the requested time.

Edit:  You can Edit the appointment or client details (date, time, email contact etc.) prior to confirming the appointment, or after it has already been scheduled.

Add Appointment    

In some cases your clients may schedule an appointment over the phone, or by email for example. To avoid double bookings, you should close out any time slots that have been filled in your Appointment Scheduler application. Just click Add Appointment, edit the appointment details and click Update.



The Calendar tab allows you to view a Daily or Weekly schedule of appointments that are Completed, Scheduled, Requested, Rejected. You can Edit the details for pending appointments by double-clicking that appointment on your Calendar.