An online voting poll application that lets you display a single question and a number of answers on your site, along with the resulting statistics.

To add this application to your site, go to Control Panel > Applications and add the Voting Poll Application to your account. Once you've done this, the application will appear in the Add Content menu. The Voting Poll element is added to a page in the same manner as any other content element. Simply select the Voting Poll from the Add Content menu and click on a green area of the page to apply the element wherever you want it to appear.

Adjust the following information in the Voting Poll Properties window:


1. Question: What are you asking your site visitors?

2. Answers: The possible Answers to the Question

3. Results Format:

  • Percentage and Number of Votes
  • Percentage
  • Number of Votes


4.  Show Results To:

  • Visitors Who Voted
  • Anyone
  • Site Administrator

5.  Color Theme: Black or White

6.  Fixed Width: Set a specified width in px